Frequently Asked Questions

 Due to the process of turning a coin into a ring a taper or cone shape will be present.The reeded edge or factory edge as I call it is much thicker than the center of the coin, which once punched and folded, the center becomes one side of the band. 

 How do you get rid of the taper?

It's simple, you don't. However, you can shape the ring so that the taper is hidden within the inner band.  

How do you size your coin ring and not show a taper? 

I size my rings using the reeded edge then slowly raise the thinner center edge so that the taper is now on the inner band and once placed on your finger, the taper is completely hidden.  

Can you see the taper when admiring your ring? 

Yes, but only if you are looking from the punched center edge towards the reeded edge. It will not usually show from the sides or looking from the reeded edge to towards the punched center edge. As I said, the punched center edge will be raised a bit larger to compensate the thickness of the reeded edge.  

Do you size your rings to be worn a certain way? 

Yes. I size all my rings so that the reeded edge should be worn facing your nails or facing towards the ground. This will make your ring more comfortable to wear and not choke out your finger. Since the cut edge will be facing your knuckle it will allow you to move more freely and comfortably in everyday tasks

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